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Here at Hare to Ware, we understand that your wig journey doesn’t end with one purchase. To get the best from your hair, it’s vital that you also stock up on reliable accessories. Getting these right can ensure everything from comfort as you wear to a potentially longer life for your hair. And, we have an accessories section which is sure to suit any care need you might have.


It’s no use buying a quality wig if you don’t also think about storage. The fact is that this isn’t as simple as putting your hair on the side when you’re finished. Preserving your wig involves storing it in the best way. And that often means buying a stand.

Wig stands are fantastic as they allow you to keep your hair in the correct position overnight or whenever you take it off. Rather than risking kinks or misshapen fibres, storage options like these ensure your hair is as perfect as possible whenever you return to it. This can save you from having to forever fuss those fibres and ultimately shorten the life of your wig. It also means that you needn’t spend hours getting your hair just so every single morning.

The most popular options here tend to be plastic wig stands or hangers, as they allow a wig to keep shape without taking up too much room. By investing in a lightweight, interlocking option, you can store your hair overnight or even during drying, and still, keep your sides clear during the day.


Wig ownership also involves care. Fail to consider this, and there’s no chance that you’ll get the most from your investment. Luckily, we have a variety of care products on offer, which can help you to ensure that isn’t the case.

As you might be able to guess, proper wig care primarily comes down to the shampoos and conditioners you use. Natural hair options simply won’t be able to keep your wig looking its best. Instead, you should invest in wig-specific conditioners from companies like Dimples.

These are formulated with wig care in mind to keep your hair looking its best at all times. In the majority of cases, care products also come complete with 200ml spray bottles to ensure you can take them with you wherever you go!


It’s also vital to consider accessories when it comes time to wear your wig. Failure to factor this can lead to issues such as discomfort and even displacement. You don’t want either.

That’s why it’s worth stocking up on products to keep your hair comfortable and secure. Wig caps are perhaps the most popular option here, providing as they do a layer between your hair and scalp.

Don’t forget, either, that wig-specific tape is also a must for application and comfortable wear. Double-sided security tape can take a massive weight off your shoulders when you head out each day. Even better, it’s non-toxic to ensure that you can wear it whenever you need without worry.

The extensive headwear range from Hair to Ware is the perfect alternative to a wig while at home or relaxing on the beach. Our beautiful range changes with each season, reflecting the latest fashions, seasonal fabrics, and trends. Comfortable to wear, these are ideal for a sensitive scalp as they have a fine and soft cotton lining. We also offer a wide range of hats with excellent protection of UPF 50+. We also work with a local company who handmake their own beautifully funky and retro range of headwear. We are super excited to have found them and enjoy working with them as they only use organic materials and are always at affordable prices, but more importantly, they use no chemicals.
Take a look at a sample of our turbans and our headbands.