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Client Testimonial: Emily

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Have you asked yourself this question? 

Emily was just 25 years old when she started losing her hair. For a young woman in today’s world, this is nothing short of catastrophic. The way we look and feel about ourselves has an impact on everything we do; from our relationships to whether or not we have the confidence to tackle life’s challenges. And when this is shaken, it’s easy to slip into depression and suffer from emotional and mental ailments. 

“All I kept thinking was what have I done to deserve this? There are people in the world that have done terrible things and yet this happens to me.”

Far from being a self-indulgent lament, Emily is voicing what so many victims of hair loss feel. Watching helplessly as your self-image is deconstructed day by day is impossible to imagine unless you’ve been there. We’re torn between wanting to hide away from the world and looking for some way – any way – of “fixing” it and returning to some sea 

For Emily, relief came when a work colleague suggested that she visit Hair to Ware. She had heard great things about their products and services and suggested that Emily pay them a visit. 

“It was the best decision I made!”

Emily has now been wearing wigs for around 2 years. She’s still unsure if her hair loss is permanent, but whatever happens, she has found an unlikely excitement in the range of hair styles she now has access to. 

“Wig wearing seems so daunting but in reality, it’s done more and more by celebs and it just means we can change our look up as much as we want!!”

Emily discovered first-hand that, while people think hair is such a massive part of their identity, when you lose it you realise that it’s not as important as you imagined it to be. She has been a shining example of someone who has taken a knock but has bounced back with fierce determination and an unusual excitement in her newfound circumstances.

“Wearing a wig brought back every inch of my confidence! I was wearing cheap wigs I had found online and then I found Hair to Ware and got my dream wig and I never looked back!”

She adds, “My experience of Hair to Ware has been nothing short of perfect. The workers are so happy, helpful and understanding and it makes all the difference that Amanda has been through it all as well.”

Yes, working with a team of personable people, most of whom can empathize with your exact situation, is the best way to work through the “bad things” and come out the other side. 

If you are struggling with hair loss of any kind and would like to chat with one of our qualified consultants, please get in touch with us, we would love to chat.