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Client Testimonial: Jessica

Social pressure, trauma, and emotional distress – are just some of the reasons that drive anorexia and its complexity.

Sadly, this insidious illness’s toll on the body can be devastating.

This is something that Jessica, a gregarious 28-year-old, discovered as she struggled to get her eating disorder under control.

“I discovered I was losing my hair when my eating disorder (anorexia) first began in 2016. As my eating disorder got worse, so did my hair loss.”

Like most young women, Jessica’s hair formed a major part of her identity. Losing it, a little more each day, was heartbreaking. Her confidence was at an all-time low as she fought the constant battle to reset her mental and emotional state while dealing with overwhelming physical challenges. 

Fortunately for Jessica, her family and partner were incredibly kind and supportive during this difficult time. They encouraged her to seek solutions and directed her to Hair to Ware to explore the possibility of wearing a wig. 

The stigma surrounding wigs was difficult to overcome, but as Jessica faced increasingly thinning hair and crippling self-confidence issues, she took the plunge and booked a consultation. 

Her experience was transformational!

“Wearing a wig has made me, me again. All my confidence returned as soon as I put my first wig on. Wearing a wig has literally changed my life.”

It’s not a stretch to imagine how hard it must be for a young woman in her twenties to lose her hair. And especially so when it’s linked to complicated psychological and social issues that are, on their own, a burden to deal with. While wearing a wig may not be the solution that she’d hoped for, it was enough to give Jessica back her self esteem and allow her to live her life.

Even though she now is fully recovered from her eating disorder, unfortunately, her hair loss didn’t recover fully and Jessica was diagnosed with alopecia. However, she remains positive after she found her solution in great quality wigs provided by a caring and sensitive team.

“I am now SO grateful my family and friends encouraged me to try them, and of course grateful to Hair to Ware for being amazingly supportive and making me realise that losing my hair isn’t the end of the world, and making me realise I can still be me, (with a little help from Amanda and the girls 🙂 )”

“My experience at Hair to Ware has been 100% positive. All the girls who work there are like my friends now, as they’ve known me for so long. Everyone is so friendly and it’s always so much fun going in there. It’s a really lovely environment to be in. When I first started losing my hair I used to hate going to the hairdressers, but it’s the complete opposite now I go to Hair to Ware. 

Jessica is excited about her future and has taken a remarkably positive stance on her situation.

“My experience of wig-wearing, in general, has been really positive. The wigs are comfortable and most importantly, don’t look like wigs!! If I decide to tell someone I wear a wig, they are always surprised and think it’s just my real hair! It’s also so quick to get ready in the morning, my friends are actually jealous I have a wig as I can get ready and look good super fast!”

If you are struggling with hair loss of any kind and would like to chat with one of our qualified consultants, please get in touch with us, we would love to chat.