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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wigs, hairpieces and extensions, Jon Renau has earned a reputation for top quality products over the past 30 years. And with over 1,500 variations within their extensive range, we’re certainly spoiled for choice.

One of the key features of this brand that we love is its colour range. 

We’re always striving to create the most natural-looking products for our customers which means we need to explore dozens of nuances in colour and shade to achieve this. 

We’d like to share with you the colour chart from Jon Renau and discover how their clever system works to attain those natural, multi-tonal results that we have grown to love. 

Unpacking Colour Codes

Healthy hair is shiny, moves beautifully, and boasts vibrant and varied tones. The Jon Renau colour chart aims to mimic these in their colour codes. The assortment of letters and numbers depicting these shades and tones can appear complicated at first, but their meaning and subsequent results soon become apparent. 

They help both us and our clients to see beyond a simple colour swatch and visualise the final result. That’s when you get exactly what you want; tonal, natural, beautiful hair colour. Whether your choice is black, brunette, or blonde – or in fact anywhere in between – you’ll find this information both useful and fascinating. 

Colour Families

Industry-standard colour families give us a great place to start. 

human hair wig colour codes by Jon Renau

Colour Codes

The colour codes add the magic and describe how the colour should be applied and what it looks like.

human hair wig colour code descriptions by Jon Renau

With these codes in mind, let’s look at an example as supplied by Jon Renau. The code FS26/31 S6 – also known as Salted Caramel, would look something like this.

Jon Renau colour codes
The code shows us that three base colours are used in this example. S6 tells us that the colour 6 (brown) is applied and shaded from the root. FS or Fashion Syrup denotes bold vibrant highlights with the colours 26 (blonde) and 31 (red). 

The result is a warm, rich colour combination that looks like you’ve just enjoyed a summer holiday in an exotic destination. 

Tying It Together

While the colour of your wig or hairpiece is critical, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Finding a product that fits perfectly, one that is comfortable to wear, and that suits your personality and style are equally as important. 

When choosing a wig – especially if this is a new experience – you’ll have a host of questions that need answering. 

  • Should I choose a style similar to what I have now?
  • What types of wigs are available?
  • How to apply a wig at home?
  • Should I consider synthetic or human hair options?
  • How long will my wig last?
  • How do I care for my hair system?
  • Will it look natural?

Considering that our hair, especially for women, forms a significant part of who we are, it’s only natural to approach these decisions with caution. 

However, we’d like to assure you that any trepidation you may feel at the start of your journey with us will soon abate. We can empathise with the anxiety you may be facing, and we can assure you that you will feel comfortable under our care. We also know that our decades of experience and dedication to top-quality hair products will leave you looking and feeling wonderful. 

Get In Touch

Are you looking to replace a wig or hairpiece? Are you undergoing treatment that may cause hair loss, and you’re considering your options? Do you have a wig that needs to be freshened up with bold and beautiful colour tones?

We only make use of quality products that we can be proud of. And of course, we are careful to use the latest colour technology and products available for the very best results. 

Whatever your needs are in this area, our team are here to help. Please get in touch with us here.