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Fibre Hair Wig Aftercare

By 8 October 2019No Comments

With the right aftercare and maintenance, you can keep fibre wigs looking great for a long period of time. However, it’s important to understand how to care for fibre wigs and what to avoid. With a few simple tips, you can prolong the life of your hair and keep it styled to perfection.

Using fibre oil

Proper fibre hair aftercare doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated, but it does need to be practised every day. You should spray your fibre wig with fibre oil before and after every use. Even if you don’t wear your fibre hair on a daily basis, be sure to lightly spray it with fibre oil at least once.

This will help to prevent the fibres from becoming dry or frizzy. As well as ensuring your hair looks great, this will minimise the risk of breakages, particularly when brushing your fibre hair.

Washing fibre hair

If you wear your fibre hair daily, it’s generally recommended that you wash it every 14 days. However, if you wear your fibre wig less frequently, you can reduce washing to just once a month. It’s important to remember that fibre hair aftercare is a little different than natural haircare, so be sure to do your research before you start.

Before you wash your fibre hair, you’ll need to gently brush it to remove any tangles or knots. Pay particular attention to the nape area, as this is where most tangles form. If you encounter stubborn knots, don’t be too heavy-handed when removing them or this could cause the fibres to become damaged. Instead, you may want to use a specialist fibre hair condition to help remove difficult tangles. 

Once your fibre hair is free from knots, you can fill a sink or decent-sized hand bowl with cool or tepid water. Never use warm or hot water to wash your fibre hair as the heat can cause unnecessary damage. Add some fibre hair shampoo and leave your fibre wig to soak in the mixture for around five minutes. 

Don’t be tempted to rub the shampoo into the hairpiece or risk using standard shampoo to clean your fibre hair. Instead, gently rinse the shampoo off and ensure that the hairpiece is completely free of any product. You can usually tell when the shampoo has been completely removed as the water will run clear. 

At this point, you can add fibre condition to your hairpiece and then gently rinse it out until the water runs clear again. This will help to keep the fibre free of frizz and in good condition. Once you’re sure all product has been removed from your fibre hair, you can gently pat your hairpiece on a towel to remove the excess water. You should never squeeze, wring or rub a fibre wig to remove water after washing, as this will cause damage to the fibres. Instead, use a wig stand and allow your fibre hair to dry naturally. 

Styling your fibre hairpiece

Once the fibre hair is completely dry, you can spray with fibre spray and style it as you choose. However, don’t be tempted to use any type of heat to achieve your preferred style. Hairdryers, straighteners, curling tongs and ceramic irons will burn the fibres and cause irreversible damage. Similarly, you should always avoid exposure to heat when wearing a fibre wig or damage may occur. 

Although fibre wigs can become frizzy the more they’re worn, practising a good fibre hair aftercare regime will help to keep your hairpiece in the best condition.