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For Natasha, hair loss was more than just a cosmetic issue. It was a source of anxiety and insecurity, impacting her self-esteem and overall well-being. But thanks to Hair to Ware, she has found a solution that has not only restored her confidence but also transformed her life.

Discovering Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Natasha first noticed her hair loss in 2012, when she started painting in her eyebrows and cutting a fringe to cover up her receding hairline. However, it was after the birth of her third child in 2014 that her hair loss became more noticeable and concerning. As she had already lost her eyebrows and had them tattooed, it was the tattooist who suggested she see a doctor about her hair loss.

Upon being referred to a dermatologist, Natasha was diagnosed with frontal fibrosing alopecia, a rare and progressive condition that causes scarring and hair loss in the front of the scalp. The diagnosis was devastating for Natasha, who felt upset, tearful, and low, knowing her hair would never grow back.

Endless Treatments and No Results

Over the next five years, Natasha underwent various treatments for her condition, some of which made her very ill, but none of which resulted in any improvement in her hair loss. She eventually reached a point where she no longer wanted to continue medical treatment, and her doctor suggested she consider wearing a wig.

The Daunting Prospect of Wearing a Wig

The thought of wearing a wig was daunting and terrifying for Natasha. However, when she was referred to Hair to Ware, she found an incredibly compassionate and supportive team. During her first appointment, Amanda put Natasha at ease and made her feel comfortable with the whole process. She tried on various hair pieces and eventually decided that a full wig was the best option for her.

Finding the Right Wig

With Hair to Ware’s guidance, Natasha found the perfect wig: a real hair Follea by Daniel Alain. Four weeks after ordering it, she had it washed, cut, and styled by Maisie, and she walked out of the salon feeling extremely nervous. She was certain that everyone would know that she was wearing a wig!

After a few days, Natasha’s confidence began to grow, and over a year later, she now has two Follea wigs, and she is often complimented on how wonderful her hair looks!

The Transformation

The change in Natasha’s confidence from the first day she stepped into Hair to Ware to now is remarkable.

She says, “It has quite literally changed my life.”

Hair to Ware’s compassion, support, and expertise have made a significant difference in Natasha’s life. They have allowed her to regain her confidence and live life to the fullest. 

If you’re struggling with hair loss, we warmly invite you to chat with the Hair to Ware team. We can help you too.