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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working to the best of our abilities – we have already helped many clients and will continue to do so.  We are sending out emergency packs and offering face to face calls with our hairdressing consultants and this can be done via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp. We are in constant liaison with the NHS trusts and continue to receive wig referrals through our normal channels. All of our suppliers are working, we are receiving all deliveries and have a courier service in place.

What will I need for my consultation

  1. Current photos of you prior to hair loss
  2. A tape measure (we will send out if you haven’t got one)
  3. Pen and paper

So what should I do;

  1. Speak with your Oncology nurse or the Orthotics department at your hospital and ensure a wig NHS referral is in place, or speak to us and we will check this for you.
  2. Call us on 01920 460099 or email, we will book a video appointment, we will ask to see some recent photographs of you prior to hair loss if it has already began, preferably in different lights one inside and one outside as our hair colour can change drastically pending on lighting, we want to get a true colour match. I will ask you to measure your head circumference so can get the size right, or we can do this together during the call if easier. This can vary as the occipital bone can protrude or be flat.
  3. We will then select a variety of wigs for you from our stock or from one of our 12 suppliers and show you the options, taking into account your lifestyle, the cost, comfort etc
  4. We will send photographs or show you these on the video cal explaining the inside of the cap construction.
  5. Once you have chosen your wig we will go through fitting together via a video call, I wear a wig and have no hair myself so it is easy for us to do it together. Once you have received the wig, I will go through wig maintenance and also answer any questions you may have, I  will send out an information booklet with every wig and I can be called anytime.
  6. We will give you advice on your own hair and what to do when it begins to fall out and offer advice on what products to use.
  7. We will make minor adjustments to the wig on a block head such as cutting in a fringe, and basic trims, layers etc but nothing is as good as your own head so once we are back and open we invite you into the salon for a free wig fitting, Where we will cut, style and complete wig alterations that are required bespoke for you…. we are all trained, experienced hairdressers.
  8. Your wig will either be posted to you using the Royal Mail’s tracked service or by our own in house motorcyclist (currently serving Hertfordshire and the Home Counties.

Click here to read a blog written by our lovely client who we helped during COVID-19 lock-down.


Do you have a Hair Replacement System that you have been in since lock-down? Do you need to remove it as your due maintenance? We have put together an “Emergency System Removal Kit”. Contact us for your Emergency Kit.

We have set up YouTube videos on our channel to show how to wash a wig, how to put a wig on and are adding other videos daily to help you as we would normally in our salon, if there is anything we can do please just ask.