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Morning, it’s Amanda. 

I just wanted to do a quick little video on the importance of correct wig fitting, and how a wig should fit you. I know lots of you that do wear wigs, and maybe don’t come to us and might not be aware of this, or really have the concerns that my wig moves, it doesn’t fit me properly, it bags at the top, um it’s sore because of the movement. 

So I just want to give you my sort of golden tips for why it’s important and how we look at a wig fitting us properly. So I’m wearing a Follea today –  this is my Follea, and Follea come with these little hats so we can try them on you, and to me it’s really important because when I ordered my first ever Follea, which is the gripper lite – I actually ordered it in the wrong size, I’m actually extra small which is awesome because I’m never extra small in anything. I ordered the small thinking that would be fine, so it’s really important that when you’re coming into the salon we’re actually trying these on you and a lot of brands will do these little hats for us to try on and get the sizing right. 

Wig Fitting and Styling

So what do I do when I’m sizing a wig for you? Firstly I make sure that the hairline is where it needs to sit. So four fingers from the brow line up is our natural hairline. Now obviously I don’t have any frontal hair and I’ve quite happily let my wig sit there – it doesn’t look natural,  so I know that it must sit here on me. And I still measure mine all the time because I say that’s comfy for me. 

So um, yeah, so four fingers from the top!

Then we come along to the little sides. Always make sure that your wigs are even – don’t wear them off bonk. Now I personally like what I’ve said before, like quite a high finish to my wig. Now obviously a lot of the wigs will come with these metal stays, now the metal stay for me should sit just above the temple line. 

I like to wear my hair behind my ear so I like a little bit of movement here, and also to get my glasses in. I find that really important – I don’t want it coming down here really square so you can see the wig, or if I am wanting to wear it up. I like this little bit of movement and if you are a behind-the-ear wearer it’s really important that you have that in your wig, and it doesn’t matter what brand you’re wearing or how expensive the wig is, these little things are what is really important. So if I have a lady that comes in she wears glasses and obviously, at the moment we’re all wearing masks or a hearing aid, I need this movement to sit really nice. 

So for example, in our fibres, the lotus range is stunning for this and I absolutely love the Sentoo lotus range for this reason. The caps are nice and petite, so this is a really important feature of looking at a cap construction. 

The next one is how high and low it sits on the back of the neck. A wig should not come down here, and certainly not in the winter months when we’re wearing polo neck jumpers and we’re wearing scarves and you know I’m wearing my big parka coat with a great big hood. If I’m wearing a wig that’s gonna come really low, it’s actually gonna push up so for me I quite like to wear a wig really high just under the bone. It should sit really nicely onto the hairline, again too low it’s just going to be uncomfortable so it’s really important that when we are trying these wigs and we are looking at how they fit. 

Salon Fittings

A salon such as us at Hair to Ware, we’re gonna construct the wigs and take them in if it is something that is quite exclusive such as the Folleo light then we would be trying these little caps on you. And just making sure that the sizing’s right because I say they come in all different sizes, and believe it or not in Follea I’m actually extra small, which I’m loving. 

But this is the cap construction of what I’m wearing and as you can see when I’m trying this I’m making sure that it fits perfectly on my hairline and that is really really important when we’re wearing a wig every single day, such as me, you know 16-hours a day plus that we are doing that. 

So when you are buying your wigs it’s really important to measure your head, so like I’ve got a little bit of regrowth by the way I’m not getting too excited guys because I have got areata, which means it can fall out at any second, but yeah this is good for me. I feel like I look about three months old, um but you know, it’s all good, it’s all good. We will watch what happens. I’ll keep you posted. 

Salon Secrets

So when we are measuring, we don’t go too far down the back of the head –  I’ve got a really flat head. I actually measure around about 56 centimetres yeah, but I actually wear my wigs at 54 centimetres, and the reason I wear my wigs at 54 centimetres is because the back of my head is flat, and I always need to take a wig in. So for example, I love the Jon Renau Haute, one of my fave fibre wigs. 

I absolutely adored his queen, but when I wear her, When I wear my own one, this one’s off the peg literally, and I haven’t brushed her or designed her at all yet she’s got terrible box hair. But this is actually too big for me –  this is an average cap size from Jon Renau Haute, but she’s far too big so if I was to wear this, it’s going to sit quite high. I’ve got all this extra wig not really great – don’t want to walk around with this sort of bouff on. So what I actually do with this wig is I will take some of the backtracks out – I will remove some of the back of this wig – probably about four pieces and it will sit very very flat on my head.

So that is the great thing about coming to a salon such as Hair to Ware –  we will construct the wigs and do the wig fitting, and take them in for you so there is none of this extra movement. We are looking at where it sits on the hair and like I say if it needs taking in, such as me, with my flat head, we just nip them in and we will be taking them wefts out.  

Keeping it Natural

And then obviously cutting it and filling it out adding them baby hairs that I talk about all the time, and all them little extras are so important for us – well especially when we’re first-time wearers of how and why we need to wear something that fits us right.  We all have completely different shape heads – you know there’s me with my flat head finding it hard to wear wigs straight off the peg

But that’s quite normal, not many of us are going to be able to take something off the peg, stick it on and go whoa it’s perfect. I like to take a lot of density out of my wigs as well, just to make sure they sit slightly finer when I’m used to having finer hair. I’ve never had a lot of hair even when I had hair back in the day. 

And so I don’t like to wear anything too thick or too overpowering, so I like to thin them out on me quite a bit, but yeah I just wanted to kind of come on and explain that to you, that why it’s important that they’re fitting so we are measuring, or we’re looking at caps. 

And then obviously we’re going through colour; I mean every single company is gonna have their own colouring and their own designs so we can go through absolutely everything. We are super lucky here, we do hold as you know a very large amount of stock – probably have about 800 fibre wigs in at the moment. A couple hundred human hair topper pieces, you name it, but it’s just about getting the right one for you:

So yeah, that’s about it from me on the topic of wig fitting and salon assistance! Have a lovely Sunday, and I’ll speak to you soon. 



Amanda from Hair to Ware. The importance of correct wig fitting