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The UK-based hair clinic, Hair to Ware, has just announced its partnership with premium wig manufacturer, Follea. As the only direct supplier of Follea in the UK, Hair to Ware can offer our clients a highly-customised hair loss solution.

What Types Of Wigs Are There?

Before we delve into the superior-quality Follea wig options, we thought it would be best to give you a bit of background into the elements that make up a wig.   

What Are The Base Materials Of Wigs?

Wigs are constructed using a range of materials for both the base and the hair. Here’s a look at the typical base materials:

  • Welded lace: This is a durable lace type which allows for any hair parting.
  • Swiss lace: Similar to welded lace, this is a softer, more delicate option. 
  • Glass silk: This is an incredibly fine material with a realistic scalp colour and feel. 
  • Monofilament: This creates natural-looking hair growth at the parting, with a double unit consisting of an extra layer of glass-silk beneath. 
  • French drawn: This emulates the look of the scalp closely. 
  • Polyurethane: This is clear or flesh-toned, and can be used to coat the edges of monofilament toppers (partial wigs) for extra durability.
  • 100% hand-tied stretch: This gives the impression of natural hair density and movement.
  • Silicone (or anti-slip or suction): The extra grip is best used on clients with no biological hair. 

What Types Of Wig Hair Types Are There?

When it comes to hair types, clients have a number of options in both the hair material and style. Here’s a look at the types of hair available:

  • Human hair: These wigs provide an extremely natural look and feel but do require more styling and care. 
  • Virgin hair: This is top-quality human hair supplied by a single donor without having been coloured. 
  • Synthetic hair: There are high-quality synthetic hair wigs, but they are more limited in styling and less durable than human hair.
  • Heat-friendly synthetic hair: This is a level up, allowing for more styling. 

What is Follea?

When it comes to wig brands, USA-based Follea is the industry leader. This exclusive brand uses the finest-quality European hair and, through impeccable craftsmanship, clients are provided with incredibly realistic wigs for any style

human hair wigs follea wigs long hair

What Sets Follea Wigs Apart?

Hair to Ware prioritises client happiness with every business decision, prompting this partnership with Follea. Having done thorough research within the wig industry, Follea has emerged as a top contender for a number of reasons. Here’s what sets the brand apart:

  • Follea uses 100% European hair which is the highest grade of human hair. Clients can benefit from hair that is: 
  1. Extremely soft
  2. Fine looking 
  3. Easy to colour
  4. Able to be permed and styled
  • The Follea cap uses a silicone grip which is beneficial because: 
  1. The wearer doesn’t need any tape or glue to fix the wig to the scalp, which is much more comfortable. 
  2. This grip can be changed to match scalp colour for a seamless appearance. 
  3. The silicone is lightweight and anti-slip. 
  • Follea creates 100% hand-tied wigs that incorporate the highest grade of hair in a gentle manufacture process. 
  • Follea wigs are handmade, ensuring precision craftsmanship. 
  • The Follea cap uses a swiss lace-crafted base which is thinner and finer than other wig bases. It is able to merge seamlessly with any skin colour, and fits neatly for a natural-looking hairline. The fabric is also breathable, so the wearer won’t suffer in the heat. 
  • The wig hair cuticle is intact and healthy, protecting the hair and making it appear softer and more elastic.  
  • The superior quality of the Follea brand means the product is incredibly durable and won’t need to be replaced soon. 
  • They are low-maintenance wigs that don’t require a significant amount of product to care for them. 
  • They are available in a range of sizes, from XXXS through to XL. 
  • Every Follea wig is completely customisable and made to order. The client is assured of a personal look that suits them. 
  1. These work into your existing hair for added coverage on top of the scalp. 
  2. They’re tailored for individual use. 
  3. They’re breathable and comfortable. 
  4. They’re available in a range of colours, lengths and styles. 

Amanda’s Personal Experience With Follea Wigs

As director of Hair to Ware, Amanda Haldenby ensures every product is fully tested before being offered to clients. Her alopecia has provided her with more than 20 years of wig-wearing experience, and she always assesses every wig for comfort and appearance. 

Having recently bought the Follea Gripper Lite, Amanda can attest to the product’s superior quality: “I took the wig on holiday and was very impressed. The wig was great, and felt completely natural – even when I went swimming! Usually, I’d have to remove the wig in the bathroom, dry it and reposition it, which is awkward and uncomfortable. With the Follea wig, I was able to dry it on my head, naturally, which was amazing.”

follea wig for swimming

What Are Hair to Ware’s Special Follea Offerings?

Every Hair to Ware client receives a holistic and professional treatment upon visiting the hair clinic. And as the sole direct supplier of Follea’s products, we want to know everyone is fully prepared to enjoy their new look. To do this, Hair to Ware has a number of added features:

  • We have consignment stock of Follea wigs so you can actually test the wig before buying it.   
  • Hair to Ware is able to take head measurements for you over a video chat for social distancing. We’re also able to ship the wig directly to you, meaning you don’t have to come in-store at all. 
  • At Hair to Ware, they use Follea fitting caps to get your true Follea size rather than a tape measure as this is the most precise way of measuring. They have every type of Follea fitting cap available for this process.
  • Once you’ve chosen your Follea wig, Hair to Ware will colour, cut and style it for you, free of charge. 
  • If, for any reason, your wig needs repairing or re-capping, Hair to Ware can send it back to Follea for professional craftsmanship.  
  • Being the only direct supplier, Hair to Ware has a special partnership with Follea, so people can be assured they are getting exactly what they want from the manufacturer. 
  • Amanda offers a free complete wig-care consultation with all clients. 

For a free comprehensive hair-loss solution, book an appointment with Hair to Ware specialists. Through on-site or video consultations, we can determine whether a Follea wig, or other hair care solution, is best for your lifestyle needs.