Human Hair Aftercare Products

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When you buy a wig from Hare to Ware, you want to make sure that you can wear it with pride for a long time to come. And, the best way to do that is to stock up on a staple selection of aftercare products which keep your human or fibre hair wig looking luxurious and remaining in the best condition for a long time to come.

 We have a vast range of products to help you achieve precisely that. Our selection of aftercare supplies includes offerings from big names like Dimples and Pureology to make caring for your hair easier than ever before. And, when you care for your hair, you also care for yourself.


Shampoo is an absolute wig aftercare essential. That’s not surprising given that it takes care of cleaning. And, keeping your wig clean can go a long way towards extending its life.

Of course, a human hair wig is easy to shampoo, with options like the Pureology Hydrate shampoo being a familiar choice for many. But, using a traditional shampoo on a fibre hair wig wouldn’t end well. That’s why you must to turn to choices like the Dimples fibre wig shampoo.

With a specific formula targeted to clean and revitalize fibre hair, products like these can add both vitality and volume to the wig of your choosing. Bear in mind that you won’t need to use these products as much as you might any other shampoo, with guidelines stating that shampoo application should only be necessary around every ten wears.

Still, it’s essential that you keep a reliable aftercare shampoo to hand for anytime your wig starts looking a little lackluster.


Shampoos might clean, but your wig still won’t look its best if you don’t also invest in some quality conditioners to keep to hand. Products like these can go a long way towards nourishing your hair thanks to the oils within. If your wig is looking brittle, stiff or dry, a wig-specific conditioning product could soon come to the rescue.

Fibre wig conditioners like those offered by Dimples are fantastic for avoiding that flat, stiff look which can sometimes afflict synthetic materials. With a conditioner to hand, you should find that you keep even fibre hair looking natural and vibrant at all times. And, of course, regular conditioning is also an essential part of caring for a human hair wig, with oils becoming even more critical to achieve that natural hair sheen.


Being able to care for your hair while out and about is essential for feeling happy and confident in your new purchase. Which is why you should also stock up on aftercare sprays which allow you to condition your hair no matter where you are.

There are options for everything from conditioning sprays to holding sprays and protections for both fibre and human hair wigs. And, they come in handy 200ml bottles so you can slip them into your bag and look glamorous at all times.