Everything You Need to Know About Hair Systems

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in the hair loss industry, Hair to Ware has developed a unique line of enhancer hair systems that create a natural finished look.

Every client who visits our specialist hair clinic is unique, so we customise each hair system to match the individual look and style.

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What is a Hair System?

A hair system is a customised, non-surgical hair loss treatment that comes in a variety of forms.

It is a light, breathable, natural alternative to a wig. Hair systems are crafted using human hair or a realistic synthetic alternative, and handwoven into a particular base material. The base material is adhered to your head using a preferred method of attachment.

Hair systems can take the form of a full or partial wig, a toupee, or a unit covering a section of the exposed scalp.

What Are the Benefits of a Hair System?

Hair to Ware has customised numerous hair systems for our many satisfied clients, the benefits of which have been felt by everyone. Some of these are:

  • Hair systems are non-surgical and low risk.
  • The results of hair replacement systems are guaranteed.
  • Hair systems can be changed to keep up with styles.
  • Your hair system can be styled, cut, and coloured however you like.
  • Hair systems are affordable and low maintenance.
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Base Materials for Hair Systems

If you are new to the topic of hair systems, there are likely many unfamiliar terms and products to explore.

Your consultation with our Hair to Ware specialist will answer all the questions you may have, but let’s unpack the various cap constructions available to get you started.

The type of base material for your hair system depends on your preference and budget. These include:

Base Materials for Hair Systems
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Polyurethane Base Material for Hair Systems
Polyurethane and Skin Base
  • Made from ultra-thin material resembling natural skin
  • Similar in colouring to your own skin tone
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Not as porous (breathable) as other options
  • Suitable for those with complete hair loss
  • Clings to all contours on the head for an extremely secure fit
  • Currently only available in human hair
Lace Front Single Monofilament Hand-Tied Base Material for Hair Systems
Monofilament Base
  • Crafted from lightweight nylon or polyester mesh
  • Allows your natural skin colour to show
  • A porous material allowing the skin to breathe
  • Easy to clean and comfortable to wear
  • Allows for multidirectional parting and styling
  • Gives the appearance of natural hair growth on the scalp
  • Hand-tied hairs emulate natural hair movement
  • Adjustable circumference and customisable ear tabs
Double Monofilament Base Material for Hair Systems
Double Monofilament Base
  • 1/8-inch folded Swiss lace, which allows for a natural appearance at the front, either on the scalp or merging with biological hair.
  • A polyurethane strip for use with a medical adhesive if needed.
  • The double monofilamen allows multi-directional parting with the appearance of natural hair growth, while providing extra comfort.
  • An open wefted back, allowing ventilation for maximum scalp cooling with machine wefting.
  • Open ear tabs, allowing smooth customisation with bendable wire.
  • Adjustable tabs, allowing for the wearer to adjust the circumference.
  • A velvet nape allows for increased hairline comfort. The nape area includes two vertical bendable wires, which allows for comfort.
  • The double monofilament layer provides even greater protection from irritation, particularly for women who are sensitive to hand-tied knots.
Lace Front Single Monofilament Hand-Tied Base Material for Hair Systems
Lace Base
  • Gives the appearance of hair growth from the scalp
  • Ideal for styles without a fringe with an almost undetectable hairline
  • Most natural-looking base material available
  • Allows for multiple styling options
  • Requires a little more maintenance in terms of cleaning
  • Works well with your existing hair
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Wig Construction Options

Once you’ve decided on the best base material for your hair system, you’ll want to examine the wig construction options. These options make use of either modacrylic fibre or human hair depending on your budget and personal preferences.

Hand-tied Wigs

The individual hair pieces or synthetic fibres are sewn into the base material by hand, using a specialised knotting technique. Crafting a hand-tied wig is a labour-intensive process, but results in a beautifully natural look.

  • The hair can move freely giving it a realistic look and feel
  • Offers various styling options
  • No seams or wefts resulting in a lower density hair system
  • Ideal for sensitive scalps with complete hair loss
  • Lightweight and cool

French Drawn

Another hand-tied option, French-drawn hair systems are a wonderfully realistic choice.

Three fine layers of monofilament create the ideal environment for sensitive scalps, while the knots are completely disguised for the perfect finish.

Machine Wefted

A popular hair system, machine-wefted wigs are perfect for those looking for a quick and affordable solution.

These are available in both synthetic and human hair and are made up of wefts spaced across a wig cap. They are a good choice for those who can’t afford a high-end hair system but still want a great result.

What Can I Expect From My First Hair System UK Consultation?

We understand that hair loss has both physical and emotional components. This is why our hair specialists take the time to consult with every client to ensure they’re completely comfortable and satisfied from start to finish.

Step 1 - Asses

You will have a consultation with one of our experienced stylists to analyse your lifestyle, needs and preferences.

Step 2 - Customise to fit

We will customise a hair system according to the consultation. We prefer to use 100% top-quality human hair that is fused to a light, flexible mesh base. The hair system is styled and coloured according to your preferences.

Step 3 - Adhere

The transparent mesh base is bonded to the scalp using hypoallergenic, translucent medical adhesives. This is completely safe, painless and non-intrusive, with the porous membrane allowing the epidermis to breathe.

Step 4 - Aftercare

We will ensure you’re happy with the finished look and talk you through the hair system care procedure.

Step 5 - Enjoy

You can go about living your life with the freedom to wash your hair, shower and carry on as normal with a whole new look.

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Hair Systems For Hair Loss Process

Adjusting to your Hair System

As with any alteration to your appearance, there will be an adjustment period as the change is immediate, rather than gradual. Here are a few things you must remember when you have your hair system fitted:

Avoid touching too often (first 24 hours)

Immediately after the hair system is put in place, you need to avoid touching it too often – as tempting as this may be! The bonding to your scalp will take up to 24 hours to cure, and fiddling can impact the longevity of the bond.

Some lifting around the edges

There could be some lifting around the edges of your hair system at first. This can be easily rectified with some more adhesive.

Thick and quite bouncy at first

The new hair system will feel thick and quite bouncy at first – this is normal. After a week or two, it will settle and feel more natural.

First cut

It’s wise to keep the hair system a bit longer than you would normally have it cut. Once you’ve cut it, there’s no turning back!

Some shedding in first month

It’s normal for the new hair system to shed some of the hair over the first month. This is how the system settles into your lifestyle, and the shedding will stop.

Give yourself some time to adjust

Once your hair system is in place, you’re most likely going to analyse your appearance and possibly feel it doesn’t look quite right. This is part of the adjustment process, and it will soon feel more a part of you than you initially thought. Just remember that you’re analysing your appearance much more than anyone else is!

Caring for your Hair System

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair System?

As with natural hair, caring for your hair care system is an important element to ensure it retains its appearance for as long as possible. Our Hair to Ware specialist will provide you with a thorough outline of hair system care. However, it’s good to have some idea of what to expect ahead of time.

  • Your hair system will be firmly fitted to your scalp, so you’ll be able to wash it in the shower as you would your natural hair.
  • Because your hair system is not receiving the natural oils from your scalp, it’s important not to over-wash the hair, as this can cause it to dry out. Once or twice a week is sufficient.
  • You won’t have to use a lot of shampoo when cleaning your hair system, roughly the amount of a 10p coin in your hand is enough.
  • Rather than lathering in a circular motion, it’s best that you gently smooth the shampoo through your hair system in one direction. You can use a vent brush with nodules or a wide-tooth comb to detangle.
  • You can repeat this procedure with a conditioner to keep your hair system feeling soft.
  • It’s best to use lukewarm water when washing your hair system, as this temperature will retain the moisture and prevent the adhesives from breaking down. Too hot or too cold can impact the system.

*Your hair system will need to be detached and cleaned about every four to eight weeks. Your natural hair will then need to be re-blended when the hair system is replaced for perfect integration.

How Do You Dry Your Hair System?

You can either dry your hair system by gently pressing a towel down on your head, or use a hairdryer on a cooler setting. This ensures the adhesives remain secure and the hair isn’t damaged by heat. You can use a vent brush while drying your hair.

What About Brushing and Styling Your Hair System?

Our Hair to Ware specialists will guide you on brushes and styling products compatible with your particular hair system. The better you care for your hair system, the longer it will last.

  • It’s best to use a vent brush with nodules on the end, or a wide-tooth comb, to prevent tearing and damaging the hair system.
  • Brush from the ends of your hair towards the root gently, and don’t pull out any tangles.
  • You can spray water on your hair for brushing and styling if you aren’t washing that day.
  • Avoid using strong-hold gels as these are difficult to get out of the hair system.

What Are the Benefits of a Hair System?

Hair to Ware has customised numerous hair systems for our many satisfied clients, the benefits of which have been felt by everyone. Some of these are:

  • Hair systems are non-surgical and low risk.
  • The results of hair replacement systems are guaranteed.
  • Hair systems can be changed to keep up with styles.
  • Your hair system can be styled, cut, and coloured however you like.
  • Hair systems are affordable and low maintenance.
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