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If you’re reading this, we understand that the thought of how to style human hair wigs might be just as daunting as experiencing the devastation of hair loss due to illness or chemotherapy. With so little in your control, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much power is returned to you by way of the care, routine and skills you’ll develop learning to style a human hair wig yourself.

Choosing human hair over synthetic alternatives will give you a natural look. As hair strands brush onto your face or your loved ones touch its glossy ends, it will feel ultra-real – which of course, it actually is. Knowing you can achieve great hair in the comfort of your home environment is empowering.

Consider all the information and tips to follow as your own secret weapon. This will preserve your dignity, give you confidence and grant you a daily dose of that sense of normalcy you thought was lost for good. 

How to Prepare for Your Human Hair Wig

Wig hunting and preparation translate into a strongly positive path to navigate on an otherwise uncertain journey. Take your time, enjoy what you discover and release your inner creativity. The new adventurous you can still find comfort and reassurance in this one thing you’ve decided to do for yourself.

It is far less stressful to find short hairs in your brush or on your pillow than it is to see handfuls of long hair. So, your first step here could be to treat yourself to a stylish new short-hair look. It is also way easier to tuck short hair under a wig than long hair.

Select a few pictures and get some ideas on different styles and shades. Human hair wigs can ‘colour your world beautiful’ if you let them. Get advice about what suits your complexion, especially given the fact that treatment will affect your colour. Less contrast is more flattering.

Remember that changing up your look in advance with one or more human hair wigs permits you that extra privacy when it counts. It saves you having to spell out your diagnosis or having people guess what you’re dealing with. Otherwise, many choose to stick with the hairstyle and colour that they’ve previously enjoyed and are comfortable with. The choice is yours. 

How to Treat and Style a Wig to Look Natural

A natural look is a whole lot easier with human hair wigs. You will learn to treat your wig the same as you would treat your own hair. It needs regular shampooing, conditioning, drying and styling to help it not only look natural and healthy but to make it last longer. Human hair wigs should last at least one year if well looked after. Get yourself one or more polystyrene ‘head’ blocks to store your wigs between uses. Give your wig ‘time out’ at home by switching to a turban or scarf whenever you can to lengthen its lifespan.

You will get very used to styling human hair wigs like a pro. It is way easier to do so from a wig stand than it is trying to style hair on your own head. Human hair wigs can take more heat than their synthetic counterparts but even so, go easy with the hot tongs. 

Lace front wigs are great for a natural-looking hairline and monofilament wigs work for a natural-looking scalp. You may progress from one to the other as you compensate for your hair loss.

Hot Tip: Blow drying works well for styling human hair wigs. Get a couple of brushes of varying sizes for the job. Use them almost like you would use hair curlers in that you can then leave the brush in place to cool and therefore hold better, while you work on another section. 

How to Style Short Human Hair Wigs 

Bob styles are very versatile and popular for short human hair wigs. Bob styles allow the wind to blow your hair about naturally or you can opt for something with more sass and take on a slightly ‘messy’ look. 

Use a flat iron for the smooth bob and then finger tousle a few strands with a spot of conditioner for the sassy version of you. 

Smooth and upturned pixie styles are dead easy to do in a similar way after blow-drying. Wide toothed combs and fingers will be your best tools.

How to Style Curly Human Hair Wigs

Curly hair is an opportunity to show your personality; some like long curls, others prefer short or shoulder length. 

Using a wide-toothed comb you can separate the curls and give as much body as you prefer.  Grapeseed oil can be used after washing and drying to revitalize and protect curly hair.

Style Human Hair Wigs ‘On Purpose’

Having the confidence to choose and style human hair wigs yourself, be in the present moment while you take proper care of your new purchase. When you live life ‘on purpose’ you are less overwhelmed by all that is beyond your control. Caring purposefully for, and styling human hair wigs at home will keep you proactively in the now, in the present time.

Enjoy this aspect of your journey as much as possible. No matter what, let it be the one thing that inspires you to do your best.

Once you’re keen to experiment with human hair wigs, you’ll be looking for the right place to obtain yours. You’ll be able to tell much about a site advocating wigs to wear by the pictures used to illustrate what is offered as well as the experience of the team behind the scenes.

Make sure you select sites or outlets that are sensitive to your personal needs and challenges.

Take some time to chat with those who can offer helpful information on your needs, those who may know something of the challenges your illness and treatment bring to your door. 

Our team at Hair2Ware are dedicated professionals in a very sensitive industry, and we understand your needs. You are not alone – we are but a click away.