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The psychological impact of hair loss on the individual can be devastating. And, in a time when social media images reflect our daily lives, the reality of hair loss is increasingly magnified. As tennis star, Andre Agassi, described in his autobiography ‘Open’, hair loss is like losing ‘little pieces of my identity’. Fortunately, modern hair loss treatments allow you to reclaim that sense of identity. Hair clinics are able to offer personalised hair solutions suited to individual style and preference. 

What is a hair clinic?

Hair loss can affect men and women of any age and is caused by a variety of conditions. And where hair loss sufferers once had to deal with a lifetime of baldness, there are now incredibly advanced, painless hair treatment solutions. Hair clinics have been established as a way to provide individuals with a thorough hair care consultation, providing them with a bespoke hair solution for everyday use. 

What sets Hair to Ware apart?

Unlike a traditional hair salon, this Hertfordshire-based hair clinic offers a bespoke service that treats all forms of hair-loss. Amanda Haldenby, owner of this family-run clinic, is able to offer unique insights into hair treatment options as she is an alopecia sufferer herself. 

“When people come for a consultation at Hair to Ware, they can be assured they are dealing with professionals who truly understand what they’re going through,” explained Amanda. “Offering absolute discretion, we will discuss the best hair solution for the individual. And our service doesn’t end there. We believe this is a long-term partnership. We are here for the customer through their changing needs, and will constantly work together to meet these.”

Amanda and her team work alongside wig specialists and leading suppliers, ensuring their products are the best on the market. They understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in terms of hair solutions, which is why getting to know a client is vital to the process. Every client is made to feel comfortable, becoming part of the Hair to Ware family. 

How does the process work?

If you are considering visiting a hair clinic, then here’s a look at how the process will work: 

  1. Book a consultation – You will need to call or email ahead of time to book a free consultation. All consultations made with Hair to Ware are completely confidential. 

*Remember that you will need to see a GP first for a referral to Hair to Ware if you require NHS coverage for the treatment. 

  1. Details for the booking – During the call, the receptionist will ask certain questions to ascertain who the best person would be for the consultation. 
  2. Arriving at the consult – You are welcome to bring along a friend or family member for support. Hair to Ware also has a back entrance for those who prefer discretion. 
  3. During the consultation – You will meet with a Hair to Ware staff member in a private room for a one-hour consultation. During this time, your specific condition will be discussed, and the best course of action outlined. 
  4. It begins – If you are happy with the consultation and recommended treatment, the journey will begin. The team will walk you through every stage, and are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you could have. Hair to Ware will keep a document, from the first consultation, ensuring all your information is on record for future reference. 

Who can visit Hair to Ware?

Hair loss does not discriminate – and neither does Hair to Ware. The team welcomes hair loss sufferers of all ages and interests. There are many reasons for hair loss, including:

  • Alopecia
  • Effluvium
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Psoriasis
  • Medical treatments
  • Stress

At Hair to Ware, clients are able to discuss their hair loss conditions in a comfortable environment. Having tried and tested a variety of hair loss treatments herself, Amanda is able to give unique insights into the benefits of each one. It’s about finding a solution for the individual, and a client at Hair to Ware becomes a client for life. 

What services does Hair to Ware offer?

Hair to Ware is a comprehensive hair clinic that offers clients the latest in hair treatment technology and products. All practitioners on staff are training hairdressers with a passion for their profession. Amanda ensures every staff member is up-to-date on the most innovative hair loss solutions, with a full understanding of what will work for the individual.  

Hair to Ware does not have medical practitioners on staff so there are no medical hair loss solutions. Rather, the hair clinic offers modern, effective treatment options that can be updated and re-envisioned with each consult. The services include:

  • Wigs – These are crafted from the finest materials, then cut and styled to suit the individual. Hair to Ware covers all types of hair with our wig selection.  
  • Hair systems – Hair to Ware has developed a unique enhancer system. This is a light, breathable, natural alternative to a wig tailored to the individual. 
  • Enhancers / extensions – Hair to Ware offer stunning hair enhancers, toppers and extensions to beautifully integrate with your own hair.
  • Semi-permanent makeup – Hair loss can affect the face as well, which is why Hair to Ware offers a flawless finish through semi-permanent makeup. This is also suited to people who don’t want the fuss of applying makeup every morning. 
  • Scalp micropigmentation – This is a revolutionary treatment that gives the appearance of a shaved head, or hair density, without the need for hair transplantation surgery.

All the hair salon products are vegan, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly. It’s important to note that Hair to Ware will also establish what the best treatment option is for you, and if it’s something that isn’t offered, you will be referred elsewhere. At Hair to Ware, the client truly comes first. 

Your hair clinic experience should be a deeply rewarding one. Hair to Ware works to ensure everyone who steps through our doors (or online) is treated with respect and made to feel at home from the first consultation.