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Hello, I’m Amanda. My journey began 23 years ago when I founded Hair to Ware, a haven for individuals dealing with hair loss in Ware, Hertfordshire. My own encounter with Alopecia Totalis at 14 deeply ingrained in me the complexities and emotional nuances of hair loss. 

I wish to share insights and advice on compassionately supporting loved ones undergoing this often misunderstood challenge, drawing from a wealth of personal and professional experiences.

The Reality of Wig Wearing

We understand that it can be difficult to find the right words to comfort someone who is dealing with a loss. In the case of some illnesses and medical treatments, hair loss is inevitable – but it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. Hair loss can be crushing and result in profound mental and emotional pain that others simply cannot comprehend. 

This means that we must be tactful with our words, carefully considering how they may be perceived by someone dealing with this deeply personal issue. 

The following are comments that we’ve heard in our salon. We hope that by highlighting these, you can avoid any insensitive remarks that may make someone feel uncomfortable or distressed. 

  • Common Misconception: “Wearing a wig must be convenient, saving you from daily hair styling.”

Deeper Insight: The reality is that wigs demand significant care. They need to be washed, styled, and maintained regularly, much like natural hair. This process can be time-consuming and requires a level of commitment often unseen by others.

  • Misplaced Encouragement: “Go for a completely different look. Go mega glam! If you can’t now, when can you?”

Empathetic Insight: In the face of hair loss, many find solace in maintaining their familiar appearance. It’s a way of preserving a sense of normalcy and identity during a period that feels anything but normal.

  • Casual Suggestion: “Have you thought about a pink wig? It could be fun!”

Thoughtful Perspective: Choosing a hair colour isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about feeling comfortable and true to oneself. For many, natural hair colours offer a connection to their identity, which is especially important during a time of significant change.

  • Common Understatement: “It’s only hair.”

Compassionate Acknowledgment: The loss of hair can be a deeply personal and distressing experience. It’s not just about losing hair but about the profound emotional impact it has on one’s sense of self and normality.

  • Seemingly Supportive Comment: “I might just shave my hair off and wear a wig”

Nuanced Clarification: Deciding to wear a wig, often a consequence of medical treatments like chemotherapy, is a profound and personal decision. It’s a way to exercise control in a situation where one often feels powerless.

  • Insensitive Remark: “At least you’re not dying!” (Often said to our alopecia clients.)

Sensitive Approach: Each person’s journey with hair loss, like alopecia, is unique. Comparing it to other health conditions diminishes their personal struggle. Empathy means acknowledging each journey as distinct and challenging in its own right.

  • Well-Intentioned Advice: “Have you tried this new treatment or remedy?”

Gentle Reminder: It’s important to respect the decisions and treatment plans your loved one has chosen, often in consultation with healthcare professionals. Unsolicited advice, however well-meaning, can sometimes feel overwhelming or dismissive of their current approach.

Fostering Understanding When Dealing with Hair Loss

The old adage that you can’t understand a person’s situation until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes holds true in this case. Each person’s journey with hair loss – no matter the cause – is unique and difficult. 

Our gentle team at Hair to Ware, our mission extends beyond hair loss solutions; it’s about nurturing a supportive community where individuals can share their experiences and feel understood. Let’s embrace the journey together, offering our love, understanding, and support, making this challenging path a shared experience filled with compassion and empathy.

Carole Dunn
Carole Dunn
I have been visiting these lovely ladies for a little while and every visit has been just amazing. I purchased another wig 3 weeks ago and went back today for a little tweaking. Firstly Maisie spent so much time with me helping to choose colours and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed, Maisie thank you, and to day I met Stephanie who was so lovely nothing was too much trouble and at the end my lovely hair was styled an looked just as I wanted. Stephanie thank you for listening and giving me my confidence back when I stepped outside. Sorry if this seems long but I cannot praise these lovely ladies enough. Have a great Xmas xx
Sylvia Langsdale
Sylvia Langsdale
It was a wonderful experience today at Hair to Ware ,I couldn't have had better treatment and so thrilled with my new wig I love it. And the wonderful service I got well done thank you Amanda you made my day . Love Sylvia Langsdale xx
Sara Lines
Sara Lines
So quick & easy. Made to feel immediately at ease. Loving having my new hair. Feeling 10 years younger. Wish I’d done it months ago. Thank you ladies. X
Jane Swan
Jane Swan
I have had a wonderful experience with Hair to Ware! I had been looking for a solution to my thin hair for years and thankfully came upon their Instagram account a few weeks ago. I booked for a consultation and met the brilliant Maisie! She was so patient, kind, empathetic and knowledgeable. The solution she came up with has far surpassed my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, and Hair to Ware, to anyone. Absolutely brilliant!!!
Jennifer Witchell
Jennifer Witchell
I am so happy with the service provided at Hair to Ware by Poppy. I picked up a beautiful wig that makes me feel like me again. I cannot fault the professional and compassionate help I’ve received. I can thoroughly recommend.
Denny Cox
Denny Cox
Thank you so much Amanda & Poppy for advising me. I went to work the next day and completely forgot I was wearing a Topper and made me feel a lot more comfortable. Xx
Caroline Fountain
Caroline Fountain
The team from Hair to Ware always go the extra mile. I have just got a topper after years of using a full wig. The topper has made it so much easier to keep cool in the summer. I have also tested the topper on a roller coaster and had no problems. I am over the moon with the product.
Lesley Cudd
Lesley Cudd
More than pleased with my wig and the one to one attention I received. All the staff are so pleasant and patient helping me to choose
Louise Cudd
Louise Cudd
Fantastic place. Such kind and patient stylists with so much knowledge and choice of hair.