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Hi, it’s Amanda from Hair to Ware. A big question I’m always asked is what you should wear under your wig. And, obviously, we all have completely different problems when it comes to hair loss. I don’t have any hair, as you guys all know, and I personally just like a little bit of green tape every now and then. And I find that enough.

But some of us have some hair and still need to wear a wig, certainly when you’re going through chemotherapy, in the early stages, or alopecia areata. So there are so many different types. So I thought I would just go through some real basics. They’re all on our website. You can buy them all there. You can also phone us at Hair to Ware if you’ve got any problems or concerns and we’ll go through what we think is best for you and why.

So you’ve got your different types of hairnets. So this one, for example, is really good for when you’ve got hair, because the hair can sit at the back, and that goes under the wig quite nicely. And then you’ve got the classic, sort of, little hairnet, just like your little hair stockings, your nylon, and that would go under the wig as well.

They cause a nice bit of resilience, and that is the main reason that we’re wearing a wig cap when we have hair because we need that resilience to stop any movement if we do have hair underneath. So you will probably want something! Now, some people swear by wig caps. And one of my ladies said it would be like going out without your knickers on if she didn’t have her wig cap on. And it makes me laugh all the time because she was in her 80s. And she says, “No, dear. I have to wear my cap.” So, you know, for some people they’re really, really important.

If you’re unsure or you still got that movement, there is other alternatives. Now a great little alternative is the wig gripper. Now, these ones are my absolute fav because they’ve got the bra strap in the back, very similar to your wig. So you can tighten them.

These are great for exercise as well because they’re made of velour. So they’ll sit across the wig, underneath the wig, just here and they’ll stop any movement. A really popular alternative. It’s fine if you’ve still got hair, you can put the hair out. Great if you haven’t, you don’t have to worry about glues or tapes or anything yucky on your scalp. Really low maintenance. They come in all different colours as well. So we’ve got black, brown, and beige.

And there are all different types of these. You don’t have to have the ones with the little straps, although they are my absolute fav. We’ve got ones with the velcro at the back. We’ve got ones with the lace at the middle missing. So if you’ve got a lace part wig, or you’ve got a lace front wig, we’ve got those as well.

Also, like I was saying, I like to use a green tape, but we also do a white tape. Now, this is really good if you’ve got hypersensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic so the best of the best for if you’re going through chemotherapy. Definitely recommend this.

And then our highest strength is red. Red is more for if you having a system stuck on or, or if you have totalis, alopecia totalis, and you need sort of a bit of extra strength. The red tends to last longer than one day, so very good for people that are wearing them constantly.

The green is my favourite and I wear it because it has no shine to it. It’s also a very strong tape, but again, that can come off daily without the use of any oils, etc. It will just come off the skin quite nicely.

And then the white tape, which is for a nice mild tape. Again, it still gives you a lot of strength, but it’s nice and hypoallergenic. For people with sensitive scalps and certainly going through chemotherapy, it’s the only tape that I would recommend and use because obviously, you’re gonna get that regrowth, so it’s really important that we’re looking after the skin.

Please do give me a call. Honestly, any questions I can help you with in regards to what you personally should be wearing under your wig because I guarantee we will find the right solution for you. There’s plenty of other solutions as well. Just thought I’d bring you some basics that really helped during this time. Really nice seeing you. Thanks for watching!

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