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When is a Wig Stand not a Wig Stand?

By 28 July 2019No Comments

When it’s a “Hair to Ware Wig Stand”… We are proud to launch our brand new “Hair to Ware Wig Stand”. We have been working with our partner manufacture and look what we have for you, available in our salon and also online.

Our new Wig Stand is made from lightweight but durable white plastic and comes in three separate parts. The two main parts of the Wig Stand interlock together and is finished off with a circular attachment to give the Wig Stand extra strength.

Our “Hair to Ware Wig Stand” is the ideal solution for home use or while travelling. If you’re anything like me, you might have a beautiful collection of Wigs and having them on display (next to your shoes!) on a “Hair to Ware Wig Stand” helps you decide what the wig of choice is for the day ahead. Why should “Power Dressing” be limited to outfits and shoes!!

Our Wig Stand can be dismantled in seconds and stored flat, perfect to store in either your drawer or suitcase.

Why use a Wig Stand? Simple, predominantly to help keep the shape of your Wig when you are not wearing it! That’s not all, our Wig Stand is also the best place to hang your wig after a wash to dry and the minimal frame of the Wig Stand allows air to move freely around the Wig to aerate not just the outer hair but also the cap construction.