Create – Fibre Wig


Create – Fibre Wig exc VAT

  • Modacrylic Fibre hair
  • Short wig
  • Comfortable Monofilament cap
  • Hand-tied front
  • Cap size – Petite
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colours
  • Are you VAT Exempt? See Additional Information Click here to email us to remove the VAT from this item
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A favourite of ours – Short, Sharp and Sleek. Create is a stylish, modern piece made from Modacrylic Fibre and complimented with a Monofilament Cap which is breathable and used for its softness to ensure maximum comfort. Create’s Monofilament cap enables you to part the hair anywhere and you will get the natural look of the hair coming from your own scalp, something we all want form a wig.

Create’s design is extremely lightweight making it perfect for all from undergoing chemotherapy to those suffering with Alopecia.

The cap size is Petite which measures between 51cm to 54cm (20″ to  21.25″).

The cap is hand tied at the front giving a natural finish.

Why buy a Wig from us?

You join the Hair to Ware family – Ongoing Support | Tips and Tricks | Help and Advice | Special Offers | Promotions | Cut and Style included in price if you can visit our Salon

Dimensions (approx)

Crown Layer Length: 11.5cm (4.5″) | Nape Layer Length: 9cm (3.5″)

Cap Construction

Monofilament Cap | Handtied Front | Modarylic Fibre Wig

Cap Size

  Petite Size: Between 51cm and 54cm (20 to 21.25″).

Colour Range

Available in varieties of Blondes | Browns | Greys – Pick a colour from the product drop down box to view a sample image

How to measure your cap size

Use a material tape measure and start from your front hairline following the top of your ear to the nape of your neck and back to the front where you started

*Aftercare: We recommend you only use specially formulated fibre products to clean, condition and treat your fibre wig. Please do not use any other product but specially formulated fibre products. Fibre wigs need extra special care, you need to nourish the fibres to keep them healthy and full of life.  Not only will this keep the fibres in good condition but specialist fibre treatments will also prolong the life of your fibre wig. We offer the perfect solutions for you to care for your fibre wig ranging from Fibre Shampoo, Fibre Conditioner to a Fibre Oil Conditioning Spray.

The shampoo and conditioner is formulated to give a deep clean that leaves your wig looking and smelling like new. The fibre oil conditioning spray is for daily use and and not only does the conditioning spray help to nourish and hydrate the fibres of your wig it also protects the fibres from damage when brushing.

Click here to see our recommended specialist Fibre Wig Care Products.

Are you a Necessity Wig Wearer? You could be VAT exempt. More information can be found on the HMRC website.

Additional information


Please allow between 3 – 7 working days depending on availability, we will advise you if this changes.

VAT Exempt

HMRC's website list the purchases of wigs and qualifying hair pieces as VAT exempt if for medical reasons. If you are a necessity wearer please click on the VAT Exempt link in the Products Short Description, this will open an email – you will need to self certify you meet the criteria and we will reply to your email with a coupon code to remove the VAT from your Wig or Hair Piece purchase. Please bear with us while we implement a more streamlined procedure. For more information please visit the HMRC's website.


Cappuccino Mist (G13), Praline Mist (G19+), Wheat Mist (G20+), Caramel Glow (CAG), Creamy Glow (CRG), Dark Chocolate Mist (G4+), Chocolate Copper Mist (G630+), Nutmeg Mist (G10+), Platinum Mist (G101+), Rich Chestnut Glow (RCG)


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