Human Hair Wigs

Designed to suit your needs.

Experience complete comfort along with a natural finish with human hair wigs from Hair to Ware. Situated in Ware, Hertfordshire, we offer human hair and custom-made wigs of any shape and size that are suitable for men, women, and children.

human hair wigs
human hair wigs

Wigs For Women

At Hair to Ware, we pride ourselves on an extensive range of ready-to-wear modacrylic fibre and human hair wigs for sale available in a vast range of colours and styles. We have a large selection in our salon from a variety of respected suppliers worldwide. Always putting your needs first, our wigs demonstrate comfort cap technology to ensure all-day comfort and ease. 

Human hair wigs are constructed on a complete hand tied foundation, with a smooth lace front and monofilament top that offers complete comfort as well as a natural finish. They are completely un-styled and available in one length, ready to be styled to perfection uniquely for you by one of our professional hair loss consultants.

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I never knew I could ever enjoy a salon experience again. It has nearly been 6 years since I lost my hair. Felt amazing leaving the store I even had a little cry (happy tears). Thank you for your advice ladies look forward to seeing you again soon. Had so many compliments.

Sarah C.

human hair wigs

Custom Made Human Hair Wigs

Bespoke, custom made human hair wigs are individually designed by taking a template of your head. We then design the system by selecting:





Hair Length



Hair Direction




We pride ourselves on the high standard of our human hair wigs, which are hand-knotted, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear and offer the perfect solution for long-term hair loss. You can also receive useful advice and guidance on a vast selection of hair enhancers and extensions.

The systems can be any shape and size, depending on the area that needs to be covered. The system can be clipped on for everyday removal, micro-beaded to existing hair, or glued onto the scalp for a more permanent solution. The best solution for you will be discussed during your free consultation.

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Wigs For Men

A vast selection of human and fibre hair systems for men are also available. All our custom-made hair systems are individually designed and virtually undetectable in both sight and touch. A modern lace front from temple to temple can be styled away from the face and secured for your peace of mind.

Our ready-to-wear collection is ideal for a first-time wearer. A see-through base and lower density offer a beautiful natural finish, with each system designed and styled to the highest standard. The result echoes an exclusive unit that is handcrafted and designed by our in-house professionals and styled to individual needs.

Mane (Unisex Hair Thickener) spray is a very popular hair solution at Hair to Ware. It is a masking solution that provides an instant, convenient, and cost-effective way to disguise thinning or patchy areas. We offer a large range of colours and always give you a free demonstration of the product in our salon.

Wigs For Children

Working in association with the Little Princess Trust and the NHS, we cut and style wigs free of charge for children in our unique and fun children’s room. The Little Princess Trust is an extraordinary charity that provides human hair wigs for all children who are suffering from hair loss through chemotherapy treatment or alopecia.

It’s not just human hair wigs, we specialise in headwear too

The extensive headwear range from Hair to Ware is the perfect alternative to a wig while at home or relaxing on the beach. Our beautiful range changes with each season, reflecting the latest fashions, seasonal fabrics, and trends. Comfortable to wear, these are ideal for a sensitive scalp as they have a fine and soft cotton lining. We also offer a wide range of hats with excellent protection of UPF 50+. We also work with a local company who handmake their own beautifully funky and retro range of headwear. We are super excited to have found them and enjoy working with them as they only use organic materials and are always at affordable prices, but more importantly, they use no chemicals.

Take a look at a sample of our turbans and our headbands.

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Custom Made Wigs

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human hair wigs
human hair wigs
human hair wigs

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