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Natural Human Hair Wigs

The UK’s leading hair solution, Hair to Ware, offers human hair wigs and custom-made wigs of all shapes and sizes, for men, women, and children.

If you’re new to the concept of human hair wigs, here’s a comprehensive guide to getting you started.

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What you need to know about natural human hair wigs

As the name suggests, human hair wigs use real, human hair that is crafted into wigs, providing an exceptionally natural look and feel.

Unlike synthetic hair, real hair wigs are a versatile choice of headwear and can be easily styled in a way to suit your individual taste. While they are a bit pricier than other wig varieties, human hair wigs are incredibly durable, so you’re getting much more for your money.

What are the types of natural human hair wigs?

When it comes to human hair wigs, the wig type depends on a number of factors, first of which is the origin of the hair. There are four main areas of origin, all differing slightly in texture and thickness. This is a very general overview of what to expect:

  • Chinese hair: This is thicker and very straight, so for those looking to style the hair, it could be a bit tough.
  • Indonesian hair: This is most abundant, which effectively makes it the more inexpensive human hair wig option.
  • Indian hair: This is somewhat thinner than Chinese and Indonesian hair, with a bit more texture.
  • European hair: This is much finer and tends to be more expensive. We have partnered with Follea for our human hair wigs.

Outside of the hair’s origin, the processing technique will also impact the quality of the human hair wig. Chemicals are required to strip a hair’s original colour and influence the style, and the better quality the chemicals used, the better the final product. Learn how to style your human hair wig at home.

Number One Seller of Follea – Premium Human Hair Wigs UK

The only company in the UK that sells Follea wigs.
Hair to Ware has a premium partnership with Follea that makes us the only direct supplier of Follea human hair wigs UK, which enables us to offer our clients a highly-customised hair loss solution. We have a consignment of stock so you can test the wig before buying it.

human hair wig customisation - Hair to Ware - salon types
human hair wig fitting - Hair to Ware Salon

What are lace hair wigs?

The lace wig or lace front wig is where human or synthetic hair is tied, by hand, to the sheer lace base which fits on the scalp.

Lace wigs are considered a superior option for a number of reasons.

The benefits of lace wigs

  • Natural look:
    Because each strand of human hair is tied to the lace cap, the finished look is much more natural.
  • Durable:
    The lace is made with quality materials and, alongside the human hair, make for an incredibly durable product.
  • Comfortable:
    Above all, the lace cap and human hair are incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Types of lace wigs

1. Front lace wig

The section of this wig, from ear to ear, is made entirely with lace.

2. 360 lace wig

These are designed with sheer lace around the hairline, from the start to end of the wig circle. These can be tied in a high ponytail.

3. Full lace wig

The entire wig base is made from lace and can be worn in different hairstyles because it is 100% hand-tied and styled for flexibility. If you’re looking for versatile women’s wigs this is a great option.

Tips on wearing lace front wigs

When wearing lace front wigs (or half-wigs) there are certain methods you can use to ensure you are wearing the wig with the utmost confidence.

1. Check the wig

Before putting on the wig, take a moment to examine the wig, checking the texture and smell. If you suspect anything might not be right, it’s important that you wash the wig before wearing it.

2. Secure the wig

Lace front wigs are created using an adhesive, so when placing the cap on your head, make sure all your natural hair is flattened and secured under the cap.

3. Check the glue

Although not all lace front wigs use glue, those that do will require you to check the type. For water, the adhesive used will be different to when it’s used out of water.

4. Remove carefully

Removing the wig should be done as carefully as placing it on your head, which is why you should use an adhesive remover and not rush it.

5. Constant hair care

Don’t forget about your natural hair under the wig. Constant conditioning, scalp exfoliation and moisturising are encouraged.

Caring for lace front wigs

To get the most out of a lace front human hair wig, it’s vital that you care for the wig when it’s not being worn. Some tips to follow include:

  • Avoid storing the wig in direct sunlight, as this will help the wig retain colour.
  • Store the wig in areas with little or no dust.
  • Store the wig in dry, cool areas.
  • Store the wig either on a synthetic head or in a satin, sealable bag to control frizz.

Wigs For Women With Hair Loss

At Hair to Ware, we pride ourselves on an extensive range of ready-to-wear modacrylic fibre and human hair wigs for sale available in a vast range of colours and styles. We have a large selection in our salon from a variety of respected suppliers worldwide. Always putting your needs first, our wigs demonstrate comfort cap technology to ensure all-day comfort and ease.

Human hair wigs are constructed on a complete hand-tied foundation, with a smooth lace front and monofilament top that offers complete comfort as well as a natural finish. They are completely un-styled and available in one length, ready to be styled to perfection uniquely for you by one of our professional hair loss consultants.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about women’s wigs, hair pieces, and services.

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Wigs For Men With Hair Loss

A vast selection of human and fibre hair systems for men are also available. All our custom-made hair systems are individually designed and virtually undetectable by both sight and touch. A modern lace front from temple to temple can be styled away from the face and secured for your peace of mind.

Our ready-to-wear collection of headwear is ideal for a first-time wearer. A see-through base and lower density offer a beautiful natural finish, with each piece designed and styled to the highest standard. The result echoes an exclusive unit handcrafted, designed by our in-house professionals, and styled to individual needs.

Mane (Unisex Hair Thickener) spray is a very popular hair solution at Hair to Ware. It is a masking solution that provides an instant, convenient, and cost-effective way to disguise thinning or patchy areas. We offer a large range of colours and always give you a free demonstration of the product in our salon.

human hair wigs for men

Wigs For Children

Working in association with the Little Princess Trust and the NHS, we cut and style wigs free of charge for children in our unique and fun children’s room.

The Little Princess Trust is an extraordinary charity that provides human hair wigs for all children who are suffering from hair loss through chemotherapy treatment or alopecia.

The Little Princess Trust Donation from Hair to Ware
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Tips on choosing human hair wigs

Before investing in human hair wigs, there are certain factors that you’d want to consider. Here’s an overview of what you will need to look out for when choosing your human hair wig.

human hair wig fitting

Wig style

You need to decide whether you want a style that is similar to your current look, or if you’re going for something new.

Wig cap

You need to decide if you want a wig cap or not. They’re great for those with a sensitive scalp and can be very comfortable.

Cap type

How you style your hair will determine which cap construction is best for you. Lace front wigs are the most versatile.


An expert will be able to have you measured and fitted for the correct capsizes as they can be quite difficult to determine.

Wig type

You’ll need to decide whether you’re investing in a human hair wig or synthetic wig. This will basically come down to your budget as human hair wigs are generally the preferred option.

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Facial types and wigs

Another massive consideration in terms of which wig or hair piece to choose will depend on your facial type.
Considerations include:

Facial types and wigs Oval face

Oval face:

These are generally suited to any hairstyle, length and texture.

Square face:

This will require more height and works well with curly textures.

Facial types and wigs - Round face
Round face:

These also require some height, as well as long, thin sides to make the cheeks appear narrow.

Facial types and wigs - Heart-diamond face
Heart/diamond face:

A wig with a fringe will decrease the width of the forehead.

Custom Made Wigs

Bespoke, custom made human hair wigs are individually designed by taking a template of your head. We then design the system by selecting:

Colours  •  Curl  •  Hair Length  •  Hair Direction  •  Density

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our human hair wigs, which are hand-knotted, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear and offer the perfect solution for long-term hair loss.

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Human Hair Wigs

You can also receive useful advice and guidance on a vast selection of men’s or women’s human hair wigs, hair enhancers and extensions. The systems can be any shape and size, depending on the area that needs to be covered.

The system can be clipped on for everyday removal, micro-beaded to existing hair, or glued onto the scalp for a more permanent solution. The best solution for you will be discussed during your consultation.

human hair wig - custom made
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Hair To Ware is proudly associated with:

“confidence back”

“No, my hair didn’t suddenly grow this long overnight, but I am so grateful to @hair_to_ware for making me feel more like my old self, putting a smile on my face and giving me a little bit of confidence back.

During treatment, losing my hair surprisingly didn’t impact me as much as I thought it would. However, since coming back home, I’ve really started to struggle with it.

Although my hospital was amazing in terms of medical care, not as much attention is given to hair loss, and I didn’t know where to start when looking for a wig. @wigsforheroes is an amazing charity that helps women with this, and helps you realise that ‘losing your hair doesn’t mean that you can’t still be you’ ???? I will still be rocking my chemo curls, but it’s nice to have an option to put on a wig and give you a bit of confidence back when you need it!.”

Bansri Dhokia, 2021

Real people with life-changing stories.

“had the most amazing response to my new hair”

“Hi Amanda, I just wanted to say thank you all so much, to you, your wonderful girls, and Suki for helping me with my chemo journey. I have had the most amazing response to my new ‘hair’ and brows today – timed beautifully as I’ve lost much of my own hair today. Your salon is a very friendly, welcoming place to be – thank you x”


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Gisela Hann
Gisela Hann
The service at Hair to Ware was very professional and friendly. I had my hair enhancer coloured and the cut slightly changed and now feel that I have a new hair piece. I have also ordered a new enhancer as I have always been happy with the ones purchased here. I can highly recommend this shop, it makes such a difference to how I feel about myself.
Tracey Lloyd
Tracey Lloyd
Such a happy and friendly welcome. Amanda and her team always make you feel at ease, and are very professional at what they do. Relaxing atmosphere, topped off with a cup of coffee ☺️
Chrysouula Efthymiou
Chrysouula Efthymiou
Steph served my sister today. She was patient and very sensitive to my sister's needs. The first wig she brought out was exactly what my sister was looking for, absolutely perfect! We were not rushed, we were listened to and we felt as if we were the only customers there, even though the shop was full. Absolutely wonderful service. Thank you Steph!! ????
Lily Hayter
Lily Hayter
I finally got the wig of my dreams from hair to ware. I got the follea gripper and it is beautiful. All my anxiety around tape, it falling off and styling it is all gone because you don’t need tape and you don’t need to worry if it will slide off because the silicone is incredible. I can literally yank my wig and its not going anywhere. I can tie it up in a high ponytail and tuck it behind my ears too!! The hair is stunning and I love the colour. It’s a perfect fit and length and just overall all I could ever want in a wig. I can honestly recommend it as the best and most suitable and comfortable wig for people with Alopecia Universalis due to its grip, comfort, soft lace and lightness of hair. Thank you Hair to Ware for supporting me since my hair fell out a year ago and thank you Maisie for being by my side throughout my whole journey, from shaving my head when I had barely any hair left to finding me the perfect wig.
nicola frayne
nicola frayne
I left my wig with Steph to do a colour refresh….. just a few hours later, my wig was ready and looking fabulous…… thank you so much.
Harry Scott
Harry Scott
Terrific service, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. No pressure selling, simply great service with attention to detail. Website and salon impressive and very helpful. My wife Penelope got all the assistance she needed. Thank you
Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown
I have been on a hair loss journey for 3 yrs now. From dermatologist to various online wig suppliers to hair loss services. Hair to Ware is far and away the best place I've encountered. They intuitively know what you're trying to convey & let you guide whilst giving expert advise. I always feel so safe in their hands.
Carole Dunn
Carole Dunn
I have been visiting these lovely ladies for a little while and every visit has been just amazing. I purchased another wig 3 weeks ago and went back today for a little tweaking. Firstly Maisie spent so much time with me helping to choose colours and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed, Maisie thank you, and to day I met Stephanie who was so lovely nothing was too much trouble and at the end my lovely hair was styled an looked just as I wanted. Stephanie thank you for listening and giving me my confidence back when I stepped outside. Sorry if this seems long but I cannot praise these lovely ladies enough. Have a great Xmas xx
Sylvia Langsdale
Sylvia Langsdale
It was a wonderful experience today at Hair to Ware ,I couldn't have had better treatment and so thrilled with my new wig I love it. And the wonderful service I got well done thank you Amanda you made my day . Love Sylvia Langsdale xx