Style Topette by Follea


From £3,106.01 with VAT. The VAT will be removed at cart or checkout if you have hair loss due to certain medical reasons*. Vat Relief for necessity wig-wearers.

UK residents will be eligible for the 20% Vat relief saving on all
wig purchases
if your hair-loss is due to a medical condition such
as alopecia, chemotherapy, chronic illness or have a disabling
condition in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

VAT relief exemption applies to wigs only and does not apply to
headwear or accessories.


Style Topette by Follea is our most popular hair topper. What makes this natural topper so striking? Made with the highest quality 100% European hair, Style balances comfort with—you guessed it—undeniable style! 

Wear this topper every day with comfort and security, thanks to the handmade all-Swiss lace base and under ventilation that creates a naturally blended hairline. Choose from a gorgeous color palette and various lengths for ultimate customization. 

Premium human hair toppers move and flow naturally, volumizing your hair and giving you the freedom to exude confidence and flaunt your hair worry-free. There’s a reason why this hair topper is a best-seller—if you’re on the hunt for a sophisticated, effortless lift, our Style Topette rises to the occasion!

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The Style Topette by Follea will be fully personalised for you by our team of specialists. This exclusive service includes sizing, length, colour, cut & style all free of charge.



Every wig or hair piece purchased at Hair to Ware comes with FREE customisation!

Every wig purchased from us (online or in-salon) comes with FREE guidance and customisation*. This may include a fringe added or a tweak of length or style, or a wash and blow dry of a human hair wig. 

This makes us truly unique to other online wig suppliers.

This friendly and bespoke support adds tremendous value and peace-of-mind, ensuring you get the wig that’s right for you, saving you from potential problems with incorrect wig sizes, colours, shapes and materials, and from the stress of not knowing how it all works.

We also provide you with an ongoing maintenance service by our team of specialist hairdressers. This offer is EXCLUSIVE to Hair to Ware clients. We do not offer any of our services for wigs or toppers not purchased directly from Hair to Ware. 

What you need to know!

At Hair to Ware we always go that extra mile by offering our professional advice and guidance to our necessity wig wearers. We’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge and learning of all the wigs and products we work with and sell. 

We are dedicated to finding the correct wig, hair piece or headwear that’s personally right for you.

We know it can be very daunting and a lot to take in at first, and wig-wearing is often more a necessity than a choice! That's why we offer you a free online consultation or phone call with one of our friendly specialists between Monday to Saturday, 09:30-16:30 (GMT), before you make the important decision of which wig to buy.

We would always recommend coming into our salon for a first-time consultation if you live nearby, but if not, we’re always happy to chat over the phone.

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Fibre Wig Services

You cannot completely restyle fibre hair wigs, and they cannot be coloured.

But there is a lot that can be done with fibre hair wigs. We can tweak and make changes to a fibre wig by adding a fringe, cutting the length shorter, or adding in some layers and thinning it out to a lower density if it is too thick for you. 

These tweaks can make a huge difference to your wig and help make it feel more personalised

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We also offer a refurb maintenance service, although wig manufacturers give a fibre wig a lifespan of 4-6 months, we can help prolong the wig. We do this by removing friction frizz that occurs at the ends as it rubs with clothing, smoothing it out using specialist steamers and straighteners, which helps rejuvenate the fibre wig and put life back into it.

Other fibre wig services we offer include:
  • Wig resize
  • Wig cap repair
  • Add comfort lace or PU
  • Repairs to lace and PU
  • Baby hairs added to sides and front

Human Hair Wig Services

Many human hair wigs come unstyled, wrapped in silicone for protection and often in basic colours. We pride ourselves on customising your wig for you. 

The positive to wig and topper wearing is that all this can be done away from your head. You simply book in your service and send the wig to us in the post, and we do the rest. It's hassle free! 

All we require from you, is whether it will be sent to us by special delivery service, or recorded delivery only, and that you always pre-book in with us before sending.

human hair wig fitting - Hair to Ware Salon
Services we offer include:
  • Recolour and rejuvenation of human hair wigs, and general colour maintenance. All human hair wigs oxidise in the sun, so we recommend at least a recolour every 3 months. We use professional salon only treatments to bring back the shine and gloss, and a purple shampoo treatment to prevent yellow tones that occur in blondes and whites.  
  • Professional salon colours: balayage; ombre; highlights; low lights, and more. 
  • Smudge root added, which is really popular and looks like darker regrowth from the scalp.
  • Cut or restyle: We find human hair wigs are best to restyle in stages. Maybe adding more layers or thinning out more are required as you get more confident with the wig over time.
  • Perm: Adding some volume with curls or a wave to your human hair wig. 
  • Salon professional treatment wash and blowdry.
  • Curls added for that special occasion or a big bouncy salon blow dry.

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All wig purchases come with a free consult, colour & cut.

Product Details


Please allow between 3 – 7 working days depending on availability, we will advise you if this changes.

VAT Exempt

UK residents will be eligible for the 20% Vat relief saving on all wig purchases if your hair-loss is due to a medical condition such as alopecia, chemotherapy, chronic illness or have a disabling condition in accordance with HMRC guidelines. Vat will be removed at cart or checkout. Vat relief exemption applies to wigs only and does not apply to headwear or accessories.

Base Size

6 x 6.5


Expresso – 1010, Café – 2040, Caffeine – 2060, Mocha Latte – 3030, Tea – 3050, Latte – 3060, Macchiato – 5005, Caramel Latte – 5030, Cappuccino – 5035, Cinnamon – 15040, Chai Latte – 5045, Crème Bruleé – 5055, Irish Cream – 6020, Chardonnay – 10030, Vienna – 11035, Vanilla Crème – 11800


08", 12", 16"

Wig Style

Hair enhancer

Internal Construction

All Swiss Lace Base

Hair Type

100% Human Hair

Wig Brands