Wig Grip Headband

  • Soft, Comfortable Headband
  • Gives added Security & Comfort during hair-loss
  • Saves time getting ready, no need for glue or clips
  • Variety of styles and colours
  • Adjustable, One Size Fits All
  • See full description for more information on styles

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Wig Grip Headband, the must have accessories

Our super Comfortable and Secure, Wig Grip Headbands are perfect accessorises to assist you while going through hair loss and wearing your wig or hat. We recommend three different styles of headband:

  1. Standard Wig Grip Headband – With a continuous soft band of material and a Velcro adjustable strap to the back, this headband will help to spread the weight of your wig around your head. This will make wearing your wig more comfortable during hair loss and will give extra security, your wig will not slip while wearing this headband
  2. Lace Front Wig Grip Headband – As above with the addition of a piece of lace at the front. This is the ideal solution for all of you that have lace fronted caps. The lace in the headband sits under your wigs parting giving the impression of a seamless hairline
  3. Silicon Wig Grip Headband – This headband is made form silicon and has a beaded pattern to it. If you still have some of your own hair then the beaded pattern is worn against your head, the beads massage your head which gives you extra comfort. It is not adjustable and comes in one size

A huge benefit of using a headband is you do not need to use glue or clips if you want that added security of a non slip wig. I like not having to use glue or clips when securing my wig as it gives my own precious hair some rest-bite from either the sticky glue that I then have to use a solution such as Remove to clean off or clips that I find damage my own hair over time if the clips are not moved about within my wig cap and they also rub on my scalp.

The headband is fitted within seconds. Just place the band around your head following where your hairline should be. Sit the band above your ears and then adjust using the velcro strap at the back of the band. Fit your wig and adjust your wig and band for security,comfort and the all important seamless look

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Style & Colour

Standard – Brown, Standard – Beige, Lace Front – Brown, Lace Front – Beige, Silicone


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