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Bespoke Hair System.

Here we have a lovely blog from our amazing client, he prefers to remain anonymous so we have cropped his face out of the pictures and not included his name. As you can see from the pictures of our clients Bespoke Hair System, the word seamless springs to mind! Make sure you read right though to the end as we talk about the advantages of our Toppers and Bespoke Hair Systems….

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I have been coming to Hair to Ware for the last five years, since I was diagnosed with a condition that was causing severe, painful inflammation of my scalp and which resulted in large amounts of my hair falling out.

By the time I had my first appointment at Hair to Ware, I had tried every possible treatment imaginable at great expense and without success. Hair to Ware was the first Hair Clinic that that gave me hope.

I was literally at my wits’ end and I had become severely anxious and depressed as my hair had always been an important part of my identity. The more anxious I became, the condition worsened.

Right from the start, the team at Hair to Ware were brilliant. Most importantly, they were full of empathy and had various ideas and practical solutions that finally helped me to look forward.

Five years on, I can honestly say that making an appointment at Hair to Ware was one of the best things I ever did. They designed a Bespoke Hair System that took account of my scalp condition and the hair loss this had caused. It looks and feels great and best of all, it has given me my identity and some confidence back.

I cannot recommend Hair to Ware highly enough.


We really appreciate our clients feedback and love the fact this truly inspiring Gentleman took time out to write us this blog. We are here to help with your hair loss, even if we cannot open our door and invite you into our salon. Click Here to learn how we can help you even when our Hair Clinic’s doors are open or even closed or Contact Us to make an appointment.


Many people think hair-loss is not going to be an emotional experience for Men and there will be no impact but for many Men this condition will make them feel insecure, anxious and can experience a loss of confidence, as we read earlier from our clients blog.
In our Hair Clinic at Hair to Ware, we offer both seamless and extremely Natural Bespoke Hair Systems and Toppers. Whether it’s one of our amazing pre-designed solutions or we will work together to create you your own Bespoke Hair System. This is achieved by taking a mould of your own head and following your natural desired hair line incorporating your ideal new hair look. All of your requirements are discussed during our free, confidential consultation.
The results are impeccable and completely undetectable, as i am sure you will agree from the pictures above.
Maintenance for our Semi Permanent Bespoke Hair Systems is a breeze… including a maintenance visit to our Hair Clinic every 4-6 weeks or alternatively we can teach your a Non Semi Permanent way of maintaining it yourself.
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