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Human hair wigs have been around for many years, but they have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their natural look and feel. Choosing a human hair wig can be an excellent way to create a unique style and look that is both fashionable and comfortable; or simply to find a product that makes you feel like your old self again. However, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right fit and quality in human hair wigs to ensure that you get the most out of your investment? 

We’re discussing why choosing the right fit and quality in wigs is so important and will also provide information on the best quality wigs available to you.

How Are Human Hair Wigs Made?

Human hair wigs are made from 100% human hair to give the most natural look and feel. They are expertly crafted from a variety of natural hair types and textures, including Indian, European and Chinese hair. 

The creation of a human hair wig begins with the selection of the most suitable type of hair for the desired style, colour, and texture. The hair is washed, dried, and cut according to the desired style. It is then arranged into bundles and wefts before it is hand sewn onto a lightweight cap. 

The wig maker then shapes the wig, adding curves and angles to create a natural and comfortable fit. The wig may also be bleached and dyed to achieve the desired shade and colour. 

Finally, the wig is cut and styled to the desired look. This can involve adding layers, curls, or fringe to achieve the desired look. 

Human hair wigs provide a natural look and feel and are more durable than synthetic wigs. They can also be washed, heat-styled and coloured like natural hair, making them a great option for those who want to enjoy a natural look without the hassle of daily styling. 

Overall, human hair wigs are made with great care and attention to detail to ensure the best quality and natural look. 

Finding The Right Fit and Quality

When it comes to choosing the right fit, it is important to work with skilled and experienced professionals to make sure that the wig fits your head securely. 

None of us has a uniform head shape or size, so the logical first step is to have the right measurements taken. This is essential in order to ensure that the wig both looks natural and does not pull or irritate your scalp. We’ll consider the following:

  1. Head Circumference – The circumference of the head at the widest part of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. 
  2. Ear to Ear – Across the top of the head from one ear to the other, going over the top of the head. 
  3. Ear to Ear Over Top – Across the top of the head from one ear to the other, going over the top of the head and behind the ears. 
  4. Temple to Temple – Across the back of the head from one temple to the other. 
  5. Nape of Neck – The circumference of the neck at the nape. 
  6. Hair Length – The length of the hair from the nape of the neck to the desired length.

Once your correct sizes are noted, you’ll want to consider what type of wig you’d prefer. 

Understanding Quality Products

When it comes to choosing the quality of your wig, it is important to pay attention to the type of hair used to create the wig. Synthetic wigs are made using synthetic fibres. They are often more affordable, but they do not look as natural as human hair wigs. 

As mentioned above, real human hair wigs are made using human hair. They are generally more expensive, but they look and feel significantly more natural. This is why paying attention to the type of hair used to create the wig when exploring the quality is important. 

Buying Follea Wigs

Follea wigs are an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality human hair wig. These premium products are made with 100% real human hair and are available in various styles and colours. 

Follea wigs are also designed to provide a comfortable fit, as they are lightweight and adjustable. They also have a natural-looking hairline and are designed to last for up to 3 years with proper care. 

Important Factors When Choosing Your New Wig

When you find yourself in a position where you must invest in a wig, it’s important to do as much research as you can. Your needs are unique, as is your style – so don’t rush. 

1. Choose a wig that closely matches your natural hair colour, texture, and length. 

2. Make sure the wig fits your head shape and size. Measure your head before selecting a wig. 

3. Consider the style of wig you want. Look for wigs with a natural-looking parting, layers, and textures. 

4. Choose a wig made with quality materials that are comfortable and breathable. 

5. Choose a wig with adjustable straps or clips to ensure a secure fit. 

6. Consider the styling options available for your wig. Look for wigs that can be styled with heat tools and products. 

7. Make sure the wig is securely attached to your head. Use the right products to secure it. 

We’d like to encourage you to scroll through our products and read our online reviews. Perhaps you’ll find someone with the same needs as you or find a product that you love. Remember, we’re here to help you choose the best fit and quality in human hair wigs for a natural, lasting look.

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