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Very few things are more devastating to our self-confidence than hair loss. 

Whether caused by illness, genetics, or psychological issues, most people suffering from hair loss will go to great lengths to rectify this debilitating problem. 

For both men and women, a beautiful head of hair is synonymous with health, youth, and desirability. The media places a strong emphasis on shiny tresses, with impossibly beautiful women and their flowing locks choking our social feed, alongside mysterious-looking men with a thick, tousled mop of hair. 

Realistically though, what are your options if you’re looking for a natural-looking solution? Without undergoing surgery or investing in snake-oil promising a thick head of hair in just a few months, do you have any reasonable recourse?

What do you think of when you hear the term “hair system”? 

What Is A Hair System?

A hair system is a hairpiece made from human hair or a realistic synthetic alternative. It can take the form of a full or partial wig, a toupee, or a unit covering a section of the exposed scalp. The hair system is generally woven into a base material such as lace before being carefully attached to the wearer’s head. It is then cut and styled, making for an almost undetectable hair replacement. 

A good hair system will perfectly match the colour and texture of the existing hair. It will also fit comfortably and adhere firmly to the head.  

Men’s Hair Systems UK

It’s generally accepted that men will lose their hair at some point. If this thought doesn’t sit well with you, then you’re not alone. Men’s hair systems have been growing in popularity, being significantly cheaper than hair implants while still offering a brilliantly natural result. 

A great hair system will blend in perfectly with your hairline and your existing hair, and because they are so easy to cut and style, you really can have whatever look you want. 

There have been so many exciting developments in hair systems over the past decade that there is absolutely no reason for you to have to deal with thinning hair or a receding hairline if you choose not to. 

How Long Does A Hair System Last?

There is no right answer to this question, as there are many factors at play. For instance, if you opt for a French lace hair system, you can expect 4 – 6 months of use if carefully maintained. A super-thin skin hair system, on the other hand, is more fragile and will likely last 2 – 3 months. 

Further to this, the longevity of your system will depend on:

  • How well you care for it
  • How active you are
  • How much time you spend outdoors
  • How frequently you wash your hair
  • How much you sweat
  • Your unique skin type

A frank conversation with a professional will help you to choose the best system for your needs, and one which will be both lasting and practical.

Can You Sleep with A Hair System?

You certainly can. 

Besides a little extra care, a good hair system should fit into your lifestyle and place no restrictions on your activities. However, it would be wise to take some pre-sleep precautions to reduce friction or additional stress on your hairpiece during the night. 

  • Make use of a silk pillowcase. Silk is kind to your hair and your skin, and a silk pillowcase reduces friction and tangling. 
  • Tie your hair up. Putting your hair in a loose braid or a hairnet will reduce the chance of tangling and pulling at night.
  • Ensure a good fit. If your hair system is a little loose, then your nightly tossing and turning will loosen it further and may cause damage. 

Can You Swim with a Hair System?

Yes, you can. Be aware of exposing your hair system to too many chemical stressors, though. Chlorine in swimming pools and salty seawater is damaging to hair. If you are going to swim, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards and treat it with the correct cleansing and conditioning products. 

How Do I Take Care of My Hair System?

If you have chosen a hair system made from human hair, it’s worth remembering that this is a fragile option. The hair shafts in a hairpiece no longer benefit from the skin’s oils for protection. Therefore, gentle, consistent care will grant your system a longer lifespan, and it will look great right up until its retirement. 

Correct Storage 

You may well have several hair systems that you alternate between, which means you need to carefully store them when not in use. 

Be sure to wash, dry, and detangle your hairpiece before placing it in its own cardboard box. The box should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You can also use a wig stand or canvas blockhead to keep your hair system in great shape; just be sure to store them away in your cupboard away from sun and dust.

Use the Right Products

To maintain a healthy-looking hair system, smart people use hair care products tailored to these specific needs. Your traditional shampoo won’t have the right formula to keep fibre or even human hair systems in tip-top shape and may well reduce its lifespan.

Fibre wig conditioners are specially created to ensure a soft look and natural movement of synthetic hair. Without these products, a hairpiece can look stiff and flat.

How Often Do You Change Your Hair System?

This is another common question with an answer that depends largely on your personal preference. We’re often asked if the hairpiece requires daily removal and reattachment or if it can be left for a few days, or weeks. 

Daily removing and reattaching your hair system will likely cause a degree of stress to your scalp and the hairpiece. Frequently removing and replacing the tape or adhesives will become painful and cause discomfort to your skin. Your hairpiece may tangle or get damaged from repeated pulling and stretching of the material. 

In contrast, leaving your hairpiece on for too long could result in the adhesive becoming gummy and messy, seeping through into the hair strands, and resulting in a tangled mop.  

Many have found a happy middle-ground in changing their hair system every fortnight. This may work for you but bear in mind that the climate, your activity levels, and the type of system that you have will all impact this decision. 

Chat with the professionals, though (that’s us!). It may be that your particular choice can give you a far longer period of uninterrupted use.

Do You Have Questions?

If you’re feeling the effects of hair loss and are weighed down with depression, social anxiety, and the stress that goes hand-in-hand with this affliction, let us help.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel happy and confident and know that a beautiful head of hair offers an instant solution. With over 20-years of experience, we know exactly how to make you look and feel like you deserve to. 

Please call our friendly and professional team for a consultation and let us work our magic on you.