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Client Testimonial: Eleanor Ireland

Many of us can testify to the curve balls that life throws at us. 

In one day our world can be turned upside down and as we scramble to manage the devastation, unforeseen effects creep into our lives that change us forever.

This is something that Eleanor learned at a very young age.

Bright and outgoing with a sparkling personality, Eleanor faced an unexpected hurdle when she was hospitalised with pneumonia as a teenager. She soldiered through and recovered from her illness, only to spiral into depression as she entered her critical GSCE year at school. 

Like many of today’s teens, Eleanor battled with her mental health and suffered from acute anxiety during this period. As if this wasn’t enough for her young mind and body to cope with, she found that she started suffering from hair loss. 

Sadly, Eleanor fell victim to Alopecia Universalis, a permanent condition resulting in complete hair loss over her entire body. Alopecia Universalis is an autoimmune disease, most often triggered before the age of 20 and currently has no known cure. The body targets hair follicles as potential invaders and destroys them throughout the body. 

When asked how she felt about her diagnosis, she simply says, “Absolute devastation!”

Despite this, Eleanor and her family looked for solutions to boost her self-image and allow her to live as normal a life as possible.

“When I moved house, my hospital changed. I was referred to Hair to Ware and haven’t looked back. It’s the only wig shop I have gone back to again and again.”

Fast forward 13 years and Eleanor, now a healthy and confident 29-year-old woman, has accepted her condition. 

“Wearing a wig for me is like someone else doing their hair in the morning. Everyone brushes their hair and maybe does a little tweaking. That’s exactly what I do, but I have the first extra step.”  

Indeed, we aren’t always in control of the cards that we are dealt, but we can make the best decisions when we find ourselves in a tough situation. With the kind support of friends and family, Eleanor sought the best solution for her at the time, which led her to Amanda and her caring team of professional, friendly ladies. 

Finding the right tribe, people who can help you with empathy and honesty, proved to be a positive experience for Eleanor.

“At H2W you can guarantee that Amanda will be honest and give you the best advice she can. I feel confident whilst I’m there – I’m at a salon, not a dingy shop or hospital clinic.” 

If you are struggling with hair loss of any kind and would like to chat with one of our qualified consultants, please get in touch with us, we would love to chat.